Winter Holidays

Wandering In Winter Snow Or Sun

Taking a mid-winter break is becoming a national favourite with the people of Britain whether it is in search of the sun, or seeking the slopes, or even visiting Santa in Lapland!

For many, the winter is a time to ski, in resorts as diverse as southern Spain, in the Sierra Nevada’s, and northern Spain, the Pyrenees, to the famous resorts of the Alps.

The Alpine resorts extend to all of the countries which either contain, or border with the mountains. France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and the double land-locked principality of Continue reading “Winter Holidays”

Education and Training

Degrees of Education and Training

Statistics abound of graduate employment, figures for how many post graduates are flipping burgers six months after leaving university, or serving skinny lattes, with the help of a first in one ology or another.

Similarly, figures for earnings of other post graduates make commendable reading as they enter employment so many rungs higher than their non-degree contemporaries.

There are figures and statistics which suit any Continue reading “Education and Training”

Connectivity, Fibre & Hosting

Increased Connectivity Is Driving Technology

As the roll out of fibre optic connectivity gathers pace and more rural areas join the high speed super highway, more and more of the UK is gaining access to data heavy content.

This is enabling the rapid development of many new technologies, remote gadget management of devices such as heating, lighting, security etc. as well as giving web designers more freedom to add greater Continue reading “Connectivity, Fibre & Hosting”

UK Recycling Strategy

A Look at Recycling in the UK

Planet earth is home to around seven billion people, and, like compound interest, that number will rise and rise.

The majority of the resources of the planet have been used without thought that global demand will, inevitably outstrip supply, and this is the underlying cause of the rise in the demand and desire to recycle what we can.

The list of what we can recycle is growing as the technology evolves to enables the reuse of more and more materials.

Traditional landfill is fast becoming a last Continue reading “UK Recycling Strategy”