Winter Holidays

Wandering In Winter Snow Or Sun

Taking a mid-winter break is becoming a national favourite with the people of Britain whether it is in search of the sun, or seeking the slopes, or even visiting Santa in Lapland!

For many, the winter is a time to ski, in resorts as diverse as southern Spain, in the Sierra Nevada’s, and northern Spain, the Pyrenees, to the famous resorts of the Alps.

The Alpine resorts extend to all of the countries which either contain, or border with the mountains. France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and the double land-locked principality of Liechtenstein.

Each have their own distinctive and individual flavours and traditions, from the most economical to the most exclusive of resorts.

Skiing holidays in North America are increasing in popularity, and hardly surprising, given the huge range of resort types available, and flights becoming more affordable. The Rocky Mountains are home to the majority of skiing as they run the length of the continent, and innumerable resorts have grown along it, both in Canada and the USA, from Alaska all the way down to Colorado.

Winter breaks are not always about skiing, the thrill of possibly seeing the northern lights, the Aurora borealis, draws many visitors to the north in winter, with Iceland and Norway being popular, and a mid-winter visit to Iceland is not complete without an outdoor dip in a thermal pool!

Winter sun is always in demand, whether it is for the Christmas break, or for a little longer, to take some sting out of winter’s tail. For some it is a chance to get away from the long hours of darkness, and for others, an escape from the cold, though for many it is a mix of both.

Tragic circumstances have reduced the choice of short haul destinations, with Sharm el Shiekh off the British destinations list, leaving the ever popular Canary Islands and the isle of Madeira to take even more visitors.

Although the sunshine is not guaranteed on these islands, the winter temperatures rarely fall to the levels of southern Europe, given their position off the African coast of the Sahara desert.

Simply heading south is not always the answer, as tropical weather can produce a very mixed bag at times. Some areas of the Caribbean and south-east Asia can be unsettled, and parts of the Indian Ocean endure the rainy season in mid-winter.

It’s great to get away in the winter, but a little research can go a long way!