Connectivity, Fibre & Hosting

Increased Connectivity Is Driving Technology

As the roll out of fibre optic connectivity gathers pace and more rural areas join the high speed super highway, more and more of the UK is gaining access to data heavy content.

This is enabling the rapid development of many new technologies, remote gadget management of devices such as heating, lighting, security etc. as well as giving web designers more freedom to add greater functionality into the websites.

Mobile Connectivity

The thorn in the side of this development is of course the areas of the country where high speeds are not available. It’s a cruel world and typically, the same areas that are yet to benefit from fibre optics also suffer weak mobile signals, or not signals at all, leaving inhabitants isolated.

A double whammy in this instance is that as websites gear up to deliver more content across super fast networks, the deliverability to these rural areas grinds to a halt as their creaking systems struggle to cope with the growing demands of increased data.

The most forward thinking web designers develop websites with limited connectivity in mind, building beautiful websites that load quickly through slow connections rather than assuming that only high speed fibre will be used. Ask Deeho how they can make your website accessible to all while still incorporating all the features and functionality that you need and expect.

In time this will rectify itself for the majority, but with infrastructure lagging behind the needs of consumers (as it often does) there will be an inevitable lag between what we have and what we need.

The internet especially is becoming less able to deliver stripped out content easy, almost expecting you to have connectivity at a suitable speed.

It smacks of an arrogance to a certain extent that web designers, sat in the silicon fen with 100MB speeds, don’t consider the equal needs of the poor unfortunates living in the remotest parts of this beautiful land, far from the nearest high speed exchange.